PERFORMANCE Down to a Science

Named for the science that shaped it, the Kinetix® family of engine oils and lubricants are purpose-blended and scientifically-balanced to protect high performance power equipment from the extreme friction, extreme temperature demands of high volume, commercial-duty use.

the savings

The Savings

High performance does not have to come at a high price. Leveraging cutting-edge distribution efficiencies and an extensive national independent service dealer network, we’ve striped layers of cost out of the supply chain to provide products of superior quality at fair prices.

the performance

The Performance

Kinetix® oils and lubricants are engineered for the demands of high performance, commercial-grade power equipment. The precision blended and balanced formula protects equipment against high friction and extreme temperatures while maintaining smooth, dependable operation.

the components

The Components

Crafted from premium components, Kinetix® oils and lubricants are formulated from high viscosity index base oil stocks and specialty additives custom blended and balanced to produce characteristics optimized for the demands of commercial-grade power equipment.

Conventional Oil

Kinetix® Engine Oils are purpose-blended for the rigorous demands of high performance commercial-grade equipment engines and are optimized for use with air-cooled and liquid-cooled gasoline and diesel engines. Kinetix conventional engine oils are available in SAE 30, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40 and 20W-50

Zinc Additives

Zinc Additives

Our Zn™ additive activates as engine temperatures rise creating a chemical barrier that guards critical metal engine components from the wear caused by high pressure, heat, and friction

Synthetic Oil

Kinetix® Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil is blended from extremely clean burning 100% synthetic base stocks and a performance amplifying additive package. The result is a combustion process that burns more efficiently than conventional base stocks virtually eliminating exhaust smoke, gummed components, fouled spark plugs and carbon build up in 2-cycle engines.

Kinetix® Full Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil meets or exceeds all JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, and API-TC certification requirements.


Kinetix® Bar & Chain Lubricants are blended from highly refined, high viscosity index base oils and select performance enhancing additives. Our custom formulation combines high quality paraffinic base oils and beneficial minerals like zinc and calcium to protect against extreme wear and damaging oxidation.

Premium TakFlo Additives

Premium TakFlo Additives

TakFlo™ additives provide just the right balance of lubrication, tack, and anti-corrosives to keep equipment performing at its best.

Spill Containment

Engineered to rapidly absorb water, oil, gasoline and diesel fuels, coolants, solvents and all sorts of petroleum and water-based fluids, Kinetix® industrial-grade spill containment products effectively control liquid spills common in the garage, the shop and on the factory floor.

Ply-Loc Technology

Ply-Loc Technology

Bonded and reinforced layers of chemically-inert polypropylene allow liquids to be quickly absorbed and retained within the material to easily and neatly contain aggressive spills and leaks.

certified shop products

Just Right for the Shop

Our Shop Certified™ line includes the most popular Kinetix® conventional engine oil and bar & chain lubricant blends available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails, and Kinetix® industrial-grade absorbent spill containment products packaged in rolls, shop packs and bulk packs.

kinetix barrel and pail